Equity Action Alliance work is global and has the power to transform systems, organizations, communities, and people worldwide.

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What We Believe
Every system and organization can achieve equitable outcomes for the people they serve.


Support and guide organizations as they institute standards of practice to achieve equity in measurable outcomes.


We are a dedicated team of equity advocates skilled in training, curriculum design, leadership development, data analysis, policy review, community organizing, collaboration, evaluation, and assessment. We are committed to embedding sustainable equitable practices and principles to improve organizational outcomes.

We work collaboratively with organizations. Our experiences encompass work with large and small organizations including public, private, foundations, and all levels of government. Our work has informed communities across the United States and Canada. Our team is guided by the knowledge obtained from community and system organizing and the inclusion of community, individual, and youth voices.

Our experience in equity and social justice work has shown that leaders in organizations often recognize that change is needed. Leaders know what fair results should be; however, they may not know the path to achieving their vision. We help leaders and organizations achieve their vision in a sustainable, humane way. We provide guidance on how to embed and maintain change efforts within their organizations.

Our processes and methods focus on the unique goals and needs of our customers. We design trainings and interventions that speak distinctly to the culture of each organization. Our trainings incorporate meaningful examples that reflect the organization and its stakeholders or customers.

Our workshops include formal research, experiential learning, and shared insights from our participants’ perspectives. We meet people where they are and work together to achieve their vision.

  1. Strategize with organizations to provide distinct guidance and support in becoming proficient at transforming organizational culture, policies, practices, and outcomes using equity principles. 
  2. Facilitate equity and cultural humility training, workshops, and curriculum development tailored to each organization’s unique profile and needs.
  3. Provide guidance in examining relevant policies and data through a race equity lens.
  4. Develop leaders with tools and skills to understand equity, implement equitable policies and practices, and embed an equity lens into the foundation of their organizations.
  5. Demonstrate how to create equitable, sustainable transformation in organizations and systems.
  6. Build collaborative partnerships through conversations and practices across programs, departments, sectors, systems, and organizations.
  7. Expand engagement with communities, stakeholders, customers, and clients using an equity lens.
  8. Determine baseline measures and project measurable goals to achieve equity.
  9. Develop technical supports, resources, and tools specific to organizational needs.
  10. Provide ongoing support to ensure integrity and accountability.


Equity Action Alliance provides interactive training sessions and other consultations focused on leadership development, data analysis, and organizational transformation. Please contact us for a consultation.


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We will support and guide organizations as they institute standards of practice to achieve equity in measurable outcomes.


With more than 30 years of combined experience, the members of the Equity Action Alliance are dedicated to helping your business or organization establish and implement a framework for equity.

Sheila Sturgis Craig, MA


Sheila Sturgis Craig’s career in social, health and human services extends across Texas and Louisiana. Her work includes consulting throughout the United States and Canada.

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Virginia Flores, LCSW


Virginia Flores is a licensed clinical social worker actively practicing in the Tarrant County community. Ms. Flores is bilingual, serving Spanish speaking individuals as well as English speaking individuals.

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  • Austin, Texas, United States