Training Hours / 
Number of Participants
Equity in Organizations

Through self-examination, authentic discussions, and the development of a race equity lens, participants will identify ways to become more accountable to the populations they serve.  The design and delivery of this training is intended to stimulate thinking into how people can influence and contribute to systemic change.  

Training hours: 1.5 - 2 Full Days

 (Depending on the needs of the organization, training hours can range between 1.5 (Introductory) to 2 full days.)

I Don’t See Color

Participants explore the impact and outcome of embracing the ideal of being “color blind”, of not seeing race, ethnicity, or culture.  This training explores the deep roots of why people often resist conversations about race and provides a blueprint for acknowledging and addressing racial matters.

Training hours: 4

Poverty Simulation

This interactive learning experience offers participants an opportunity to gain new perspectives about the day-to-day realities of life with a shortage of money, resources, or options and an abundance of stress.  This tool is used to educate and inform leaders, professionals, volunteers, and communities on the impact of poverty in a non-threatening, productive environment.

Training hours: 3-4 Hours 

(Training has a minimum of 45 participants and a maximum of 80 participants.)

Life Course Simulation  

Using the CityMatCH Life Course Game as a framework for health equity, this workshop leads participants through an interactive experience on the influence of systemic racial inequities in health across a person’s life span.  Participants will be guided in developing strategies to transform the practices, policies, and procedures applicable to their systems to improve overall outcomes for racial and ethnic minorities.

Training hours: 3 Hours 

(Training has a minimum of 15 participants and a maximum of 30 participants.)

Additional Subject Matter offered and built around the needs of the requesting organization:

Normalizing Race Discussions

Cultural Humility

Courageous Conversations

Historical Racial Milestones

Systemic Racism, 2-part series

Developing Race Equity Leaders

Embedding Race Equity into Practice

All training is offered as standalone or a series depending on your organization's needs—fee schedule for all training available upon request.  Click here to contact us.